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Aquaponics is one way to:

1.  Help feed your family

2.  Reduce the inflation of groceries

3.  Grow healthy foods/vegetables

4.   Keep you and your family fed in a crisis

5.   And its simple, and already being done

     by many.



Here is a link to just one video about

Aquaponics. This is the second time I became

aware of this way to grow food.


Also, there are books and videos to help as well,

one is BackYard LIberty which you can purchase at this site link here.  I have no affiliation with this

site, just fyi, I do this only to share something

and help in some way.  I have witnessed t his,

and begun it myself, and there are several choices

in starting up, all you have to do is choose one,

and begin;)




To the right upper and lower, are images,

click one to visit the site that corresponds to

find out more, you can grow your own, indoors

too.  On this page I have shown several places to find out how, and or purchase a how to do it system.


Left lower;   Aquaponics USA


Left Upper:  Youtube video on the freedom of

food from aquaponics


People are having a tough time all over this globe, however, where there is earth, and seeds, and the abiity and desire to plant you can grow foods of many kinds, carrots, potatoes, greens and more,

and many are already doing aquaponics, and

I share this here, hoping to spread the word:)



lady saera

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