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' IMMORTAL ME ' by lady saera

 Time Travel -A Vampire Fantasy, paranormal adventure, romance, with Gothic touches , the Allure of Magic and a Twist of Spice.

        A story of entrapment, darkness to light and the hopeful escape.

Excerpt First Chapter:  

'Well, it seems I'm still alive,  living flesh and blood but after what I've been through, I feel as if Im immortal, but I'm not, not yet anyway.' Nor did she want to be..' Sophie thought peering through the crack in the mausoleum door at the three vamps still roaming about in the cemetery...she watched as Michael spoke with them, 'and where did he come from, and why are they listening...' she wondered, knowing the chain on the door as huge and heavy as it looked might not hold all of them from getting inside...'please please someone come to the cemetery its Halloween night surely some group of teens kids anyone' ...softly she prayed, not even  trusting Michael, ...and how could a caretaker look like a gorgeous God in living flesh clearly human but he held some power over those three that sought her, he told her they could smell her scent right before he doused her in spray cleaner, pushed her inside the mausoleum, then ran out to confront them, what part of a human confronting vampires made sense....but there he was, outside, over in the cemetery where they were tracking her a while ago,  after the fight with her boyfriend who had left her there,....so she watched...and waited...as suddely an older man appeared walking across the graveyard...she wondered if this could be the guy they called Santa, the caretaker...he looked as if he could whip the world...


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Amazingly spooky book cover by Consuelo Parra - much appreciation.