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I love computer games, and music too                                                                                              

Here are some Favs -purchased all music on  -some on links page.Love Lady Gaga, & Just Dance, Escapist, Deceiver of Fools-by Within Temptation, While Your Lips Are still Red-Nightwish, Adam Lambert-Cuckoo-Trespassing, Chris Crocker - (love this songs lyrics),Locked-up Lovers, Breath No More-Evanessence, Katy Perry-The One That Got Away.-Xandria-Save My Life,Kamelot-House on a Hill,

Within Temptation-Caged..

I really love Rhianna's songs and others

but some mp3's just wont play on Moonfruits

player, not sure why:)

Books by Lady Saera

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'The Wizard of Crescent Keep'

Book One, available on  the book image to buy .................:)

and I hope you enjoy it.

Book Two, -The Wizard of Crescent Keep - 'Mission to the Land of Rhonen-Dril' to be

out before end of 2012.

The Goblin Cage - A scary Mystery

due out end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.

The Count's Remorse - An erotic-suspense  fantasy Vampire Novel out by spring 2013

Busy writing as always under my headphones;)...I really Appreciate the help from ALL good caring friends  and family for re-editing help, and mom love you for saving scribblings and your encouraging positive words, and fuzzy little Indorial who keeps me smiling;). 

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 Lady Saera Author-Artist


Fav Quotes by President Trump.


"From now on, America will be powered by our aspirations,

not burdened by our fears;

inspired by the future, not bound by the failures of the

past, and guided by our vision,

not blinded by our doubts."

~ President Donald J. Trump


"I do nothing for politics.  I do

what's right."

~President Donald J. Trump


Goethe quote.

"Whatever you do or

dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius,

power and magic in it."

Courage is love, a light

that is filled with

humor and brilliance,

it cultivates, never violent,

it shines like a light

in the darkness. God Bless.


My story series is about a Good Wizard who falls through a Poraal to the World of Two Moons as a young man

and all the adventures as he grows into a man of courage

through experience and adventures, love, romance betrayals,  friendships, and

battles with evil.

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Update: 2020  

Love you Mom. 

My name is Saera and I love writing-

am a published Indie author and dabble in art and illustrating.

I have loved to read and write since

I was a little girl.  Please check out my series 'The Wizard of Crescent Keep' on  Writing for me

is a labor of love.  I hope you love my books.

Thank you for visiting my site.

 Have a lovely day.


God Bless you mom






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