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       THE WIZARD OF CRESCENT KEEP Series by Lady Saera



book cover 4 Persephone the Mage Djinni

Lady Saera Author ~Artist~ Researcher

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Planetary Travel, Romance, Adventure, Sorcery Majik, Djinn Magic


Taken away by the evil ghoul Djinn Grumzire an enemy of the powerful

Djinn Khallizar, Persephone is bitten by the evil Ifrit and chained to a throne in

the Keep's underground Mausoleum awaiting death. her powers voided by the Ghoul leaving her helpless.  Find out what happens as each action from her friends and the one who loves her the most seek to find where she is hidden and save his treasured wife as time begins to run out, the Wizard Crescent, Khallizar the Djinn and the High Demon enter into a heartbreaking adventure in the World of Two Crescent Moons. Planetary Travel, Romance, Majikal Adventures.


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