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Newest beautiful songs by Amorphis-'From the Heven of My Heart, You I need & Mermaid &Silent Waters.

Luis Fonsi -Quien le va A Decir,  Lavinia Meji Harp -Divenire.

Blue Oyster Cult - I love the night, 1000000 light years away, + Dancing in the Moonlight.

also- 'The Great I Am, God Almighty' -Along with other musical composings and songs,

Fiachra I found on Amazon, beautiful Harp music  ' Sylvain Guinet- 'Arwen Les Terre Des Secrets,

Peter Grundry composings from his Album -Dont Wake Me Yet/Heart without color.

and 'Ailes Du Temps' by Annick La Fontaine

Music Credits:Adrien Von Zieglers 'Moon Song' is out and has the most awesome sounds, so yes a shout out for his music, buy it on amazon, or wherever his youtube channel lists.

Roy Tood Piano composer, BRunuh Ville composings, I am honored to have special permission from Danny De Groot to use two of his beautiful composings 'Relaxing/Emotional Celtic Music: Creiddylad, the May Queen, also be adding in '-Amhrán Den Saol ' by Danny too.   Fantatstic Favorite of all Music by Brandon and Derek Fletcher also BrunuhVille's beautiful music 'You and I' & Moonlight Lullaby, 'Senses' by Marc Jungermann,  New to my ears are some great 80-90's songs, Savage's 'Only You', Modern Talking's 'Don't Take Away My Heart a hit with a cool beat, Toni Braxton's 'Another Sad Love Song' slinks in with a beat and you just gotta move, and then there's Woodland Tales' &  beautiful music by Adrian Von Ziegler,Allison Krause-'When you say nothing at all',  Lisa Thiel's 'Enchanted Goddess sung magnificently, along with "Blackmore's Night-'Dancer and the Moon is one of the most exquisite songs,- and Janese songstress Ayumi Hamasaki's delicate vocals in 'Dearest'. and Itsumo Nando on Piano, Elissa Law's beautiful song, Hallejuah by Lindsy Sterling, andSharkira's magicl beat song Suerte, and Erutan's lovely Song of the Goddess, Thomas Bergersen's 'New Life'-  Most music purchased on Amazon Here - other songs used by Permission.  

All Rights Reserved Copyright [email protected] - Beacon Gallery Group  2019 Book -Art- Images and Text



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