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Author Lady Saera series 'THE WIZARD OF CRESCENT KEEP' is an Award Winning five star review in 2017 and 2018 from 'Readers Favorite' and 'GLOBAL BOOK EXCELLENCE ' Award Winner.

 Lady Saera is A Fantasy Writer about PORTALS IN OTHER WORLDS. Her WCK Series is about a powerful Wizard and ruler over The World of Two Crescent Moons, adventure, and romance, intrigue, friendships, betrayals and to complicate things falls in love with a beautiful Vampire Countess Silwyna Ghrail.   The WCK Series is Published all over the world,  the Eight book series will soon release Books NINE  Castle of Skulls Masquerade.  

The wizard falls in love with a beautiful Vampire named Silwyna,  as he deals with enemies and intrigues from various factions, Gnomes, and Dwarvens and their King,  and citizens of the Land of Tallowood,  The green skinned people of Rhonen-Dril, and the Elvan Empire with Warriors of reknown fighting, Moon Gods who influence their powers, and his shape shifting ability into a huge bronze Dragon of vengeance and justice,  read about the thrilling world you step into in this thrilling adventure series.



Lady Saera Author ~Artist~ Researcher


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The Haunting of Moonlight Gate ready for release Fall 2020!

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